How to choose a hockey stick

Finding the best hockey stick isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hockey sticks to choose from, so how do you choose the best hockey stick for you? Here are some of the main points to consider when choosing one.

Best hockey sticks for power

The amount of power generated from a hockey stick typically comes from how much carbon is in the stick. The more carbon, typically means the more powerful. This isn’t always the case, as some sticks have different technologies, but it’s the easiest way to compare which is the best hockey stick for power from across various brands.

Best hockey stick bow

There are generally three types of bow types – Extreme Low Bow, Low Bow and Mid Bow. The type of bow is determined by where on the stick, the bow is the most pronounced. So, if the bow is biggest at approximately 200mm from the bottom of the stick, that would be an extreme low bow, 250mm is a low bow and 300mm is a mid-bow. The lower the bow (e.g. 200mm), the easier it is to get under the ball, and therefore the easier it is to do tricks like 3D and aerials.

Best hockey stick technology

A number of ways that brands try to sell their sticks is by suggesting they have better technology than everyone else. Whilst this is often the case, a lot of the same technology is present in most sticks but it’s just called something different. E.g the rough part of the face of the hockey stick could be called a Dynamic Touch Control by one brand, but called Touch Compound by another. It’s just the same thing, so don’t be sucked into the technology word spin.

Best hockey stick balance

You may hear a lot of people talk about the balance of a hockey stick. The balance is quite simply where the hockey stick will balance if you were to try and balance it on one finger. Most hockey sticks’ balance point is between 39 – 41cm from the bottom of the stick.

Best hockey stick weight

In the era of wooden hockey sticks, weight used to be an important factor, just like cricket bats, but in today’s modern composite hockey stick days, weight is less of a consideration. Many composite sticks will fit the traditional “light” and “ultra-light” categories at around 530g.

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