How to add a chamois grip to a hockey stick

What you will need

Remove the old chamois hockey grip

If you have an old chamois on the hockey stick, then remove that, but make sure you leave on the original grip that came with the stick.

  1. Remove any tape holding the grip in place at the top of the stick.
  2. Peel back the loose grip and continue down the handle.
  3. Continue pulling the grip until you have removed its entire length.
  4. Remove any extra tape or grip residue stuck to the stick. You can remove the residue by applying rubbing alcohol or soap and water directly to the stick with a wash cloth. But, make sure to dry the stick completely before applying the new grip. If there are any pieces left behind, a hair dryer can be used to heat the glue to make it easier to scrape off with an X-Acto knife or sand paper.

Apply the New Grip

After you’ve chosen a replacement grip and removed the old grip, you’re ready to apply the new one.

  • Hold the stick in your left hand and the end of the grip in your right.
  • Start by applying the grip to the top of the handle, just underneath the stick’s end cap. Twist the grip around the stick so that it connects all the way around.
  • Continue wrapping the grip around the hockey stick and at a downward angle.
  • Continue wrapping until you reach the bottom of the stick. If the grip doesn’t reach the end, you can either start again, or just tape it.
  • Finish the stick off by adding some electrical tape at the top, and some cloth tape at the bottom.


There are a few tips you’ll want to follow to get the best outcome for your new grip:

  • Make sure to keep the grip tight as your wrap it.
  • Do not leave gaps between each layer.

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